Our B-Corp Journey

“Do you fancy being part of an agency that does amazing work, for fantastic clients, and looks after, protects and invests in its team?”

This has been the start of every recruitment conversation we’ve ever had at Two Ears One Mouth®. It’s an easy and familiar conversation to have, because it’s one based in an inherent truth within our business.

The foundations of good governance have always been fundamental to our agency and business. Looking after and empowering our people to in turn focus their efforts on improving our clients’ businesses, the community, and the planet around us were founding truths to our agency.

Applying for B-Corp certification was a natural continuation and formalisation of our way of working. We were delighted to achieve full B-Corp Certification in June 2024.

It’s good for business, it’s good for our stakeholders and team. It’s good for everyone.

Formally adopting B-Corp principles of social and environmental responsibility offers us a framework to make a positive impact now while investing in a better future for all. We believe that pursuing commercial excellence should not come at the expense of our planet and its people, and we are proud to align with businesses that share this philosophy.

“Formally applying B Corp principals within our ways of working ensures we constantly work towards a north star objective that is good for all.”

Duncan Nealon, CEO

The start of our journey not the end.

The various B-Corp assessments enable us to uphold rigorous standards of performance, transparency, and accountability. We now have a benchmark, and we understand that the journey is not easy. Set out below is our Agency framework for a successful, enjoyable way of working.

Our vision for an enjoyable work environment


Producing Work We Are Proud Of

The success of any agency is ultimately fuelled by the quality of the work it produces. As such, all of our internal processes and structures are designed with one thing in mind: producing compellingly clear, impactful and actionable insights, that inform and guide client commercial and marketing strategies.

For Clients We Enjoy Working With

Most agencies, and agency folk can tell stories of clients they have worked with that made them feel undervalued, unnecessarily stressed, and generally speaking unhappy at work. We embrace the most difficult of challenges and hardest of work, and are lucky to undertake this work with clients with whom we enjoy fantastically positive working relationships.

As Part of a Team You Love Working With

We all know the statistics about the weight of time people spend with their colleagues versus their friends and family. It is exceptionally important that we work as a fully-functioning, high-performing team, that enjoys working together. And this is exactly what we do.

We have an informal atmosphere within the agency, built on unshakeable trust across the team. Trust that everyone is committed to the end goal.

This results in a team ethos that is positive, healthy, and ultimately extremely enjoyable.

In a Manner That Benefits All of Our Stakeholders, The Community & Planet

This was the area we felt we had the most work to do. We have always had a focus on our stakeholders and local community, with the supporting of a multitude of community events and causes over the years. Our payment terms on the purchase ledger have always been favourable to suppliers, and we go out of our way to engage with team’s families in a positive manner.

It was our impact on the planet that prompted us to get our thinking caps out.. We operate within a low impact sector, with a limited selection of areas we can legitimately influence. But we still have found ways to improve. We have introduced electric cars, ensured our electricity supply is sourced from as sustainable and ethical supplier as possible, and have a travel minimisation policy, as well as car-sharing. We have invested in reforestation via our partnership with Oblong Trees. And as part of our Recycling Commitment, any paper or cardboard used is recycled, as is any packaging from employee purchases.

For a Rewarding Remuneration Package and the Opportunity to Grow

Ultimately, remuneration is one of the biggest reasons people go to work. We recognise this, and as part of enabling us to attract and retain the industry’s best talent, we ensure we remunerate our team well. We always detail the salary in recruitment adverts, and are transparent with applicants and the team in terms of what is possible. In addition to their salary, all team members receive an annual bonus linked to the wider Company performance.

As a high growth business, it is in our interests for the team to grow. We do not expect our people to necessarily follow a linear path, and are always open to conversations surrounding potential areas of specialism.

Within a Framework of Mutual Respect, That Provides a Positive Work / Life Harmony

Life can be tricky in this modern world. Work no longer always fits into neat boxes in the way it may have done in the past. We recognise this, and trust and empower our team to work in a way that works for them. Whether it be as simple as working from home to take a delivery, or working flexible hours to enable the cheering on at a school sports day, our team can feel confident that we have their back, and it never need be a binary choice between work, and home life.

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