Customer Segmentation

Rohan were formed in 1972 with a desire to create high-quality technical clothing for all travel and outdoor pursuits. Grounded by a chain of retail stores, its online footprint delivers across the UK and beyond.

The Challenge
Rohan wished to deeply understand their incredibly loyal customer base to define their DNA and therefore understand who to target and how to grow their customer base going forwards and unlock the potential of the brand.

Our Approach
A four-stage process ensured we were firmly embedded in the business and able to deliver insights meaningfully.

  1. Internal workshops to understand key stakeholders attitudes and background
  2. Quantitative Insight using existing Rohan sales data (40,000+ records) to develop understanding of behaviours, and scope initial potential avenues for segmentation.
  3. Quantitative Study to profile targets and Rohan customers, understanding market drivers, their brand purchase repertoires and brand perceptions; carry out statistical analysis to segment & profile.
  4. Qualitative Insight to deep dive on identified segments, both customers and non-customers to add colour to their personas and build on quantitative learning.

The Outcome
A suite of customer clusters were identified through sales analysis and further profiled for richness of understanding. By understanding where current Rohan customers are grouped… and where potential new customers can be targeted, the organisation was able to review all aspects of the business; from product design, to marketing, to even marketing photography.

Rohan Segmentation

Case Studies.

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