Branded TikTok Content Development

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) helps to make Great Britain’s livestock, dairy and agriculture sectors more successful, providing market information to improve supply chain transparency and stimulating demand in the UK and export markets.

The Challenge
AHDB needed to take their message into a channel they knew could target Gen Z. This led to a strategy of focusing on TikTok as a media channel, but as this was the organisation’s first venture into the platform, they needed cutting edge insight to ensure they achieve both cut through, and effective messaging, whilst remaining true to the over-arching core brand values.

Our Approach
Two Ears One Mouth ran an intricate qualitative project designed to understand how the target audience reacts to social, and in particular, TikTok videos in their native format and environment.
We conducted a series of mini-groups, conducted online, amongst frequent users of TikTok. With mocked up screens, we shared potential content to understand:
• Likelihood to stop scrolling and engage
• Key message takeout
• Impact back on perceptions of British proteins
• Impact on behaviours
• Long term memorability

The Outcome
Our research gave clear creative direction and identified the importance of creating ‘TikToks’ first and foremost, with a focus on entertainment that also informs and educates. Our findings fed directly into creative briefing.

Case Studies.

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