Camping & Caravanning Club
Market Understanding

The Camping and Caravanning Club is a United Kingdom not-for-profit organisation involved with all aspects of camping based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1901, the club now represents over half a million members.

The Challenge
With an increased appetite for Camping and Caravanning in the UK, C&CC needed to bring the club into a more modern and appealing sphere for potential new members, whilst nurturing their current members.

Our Approach
Two Ears One Mouth ran a segmentation to identify camper segments among both the member and wider national audience to feed into brand and marketing strategy. This consisted of 4 stages:

– Internal interviews and workshops to understand key stakeholder attitudes & background
– An online quantitative study to profile members and the wider nat rep audience in terms of their habits, attitudes, holidays as well as feedback on brand perceptions.
– Statistical Cluster Analysis using survey data and C&CC member database to segment and profile camping segments with an overlap of C&CC member behaviour.
– Qualitative insight in the form of focus groups to deep dive on identified segments to add colour to their personas and build on quantitative learning.

The Outcome
The research informed not just the development of the brand’s future positioning and future marketing strategy, but also wider business decisions and thinking.

Camping & Caravanning Club Brand Proposition

Case Studies.

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