Center Parcs
Future Media Engagement

Center Parcs needed a future proofed engagement model,ensuring their past approach did not unduly influence the most effective strategy for future guest recruitment & retention.

The Challenge
With ever more channels, placing increasing calls on consumers’ eyes and ears, this creates a challenge to understand the evolving media landscape and its implications on the short break category; including how people will formulate their short break decisions, become aware of a brand, and ultimately be persuaded.

Our Approach
Using an engagement platform, we conducted a longitudinal study through the key post-Christmas booking period, from December through to Easter. Flexibly collating quantitative ‘diary data’, alongside ad hoc behaviourally and attitudinal deep dives, including a range of carefully selected qualitative in-depth interviews. 

The Outcome
Complete consumer clarity for media, creative & strategy teams, to know for the next period what messages resonate when, where and amongst which types of audience group. 

Case Studies.

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