Coventry University
Customer Journey

Coventry University is a public university headquartered in Coventry England with campuses in London and Scarborough. Originally formed in 1970, its university status was granted in 1992.

The Challenge
The pandemic saw increased numbers of undergraduate students electing to stay on for postgraduate study. Needing to understand and anticipate this trend continuing post-pandemic, Coventry University required a sound understanding of the triggers, barriers and attitudes around consideration of postgraduate study, crucially understanding when in the University journey, decisions are made.

Our Approach
Two Ears One Mouth undertook a comprehensive exploration amongst all key student cohorts, from 1st year undergraduates to those currently undertaking postgraduate study. This consisted of 2 stages:

  1. An online quantitative study to profile students in terms of their perceptions, attitudes, barriers and intentions on postgraduate study in general, and Coventry University specifically.
  2. Qualitative insight in the form of 12x focus groups to deep dive on key student segments to add colour to the understanding and build on quantitative learning.

The Outcome
The impact of the findings were wide-reaching, spanning all faculties and touching multiple departments across the University including; admission, course design and structure, pastoral activities, marketing and communication.

Coventry University Customer Journey

Case Studies.

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