Packaging Redesign

EE is one of the UK’s largest mobile network providers, offering both contract and Pay As You Go packages to consumers.

The Challenge
EE needed their PAYG packaging to work harder at point of purchase, to encourage mobile customers to switch to EE as a provider.

Our Approach
A combination of qual and quant techniques, including quantitative online surveys and paired friendship depths, utilising eye tracking. We presented participants with different packaging options, including competitor packs.

The Outcome
We were able to bring to life, to our client, the importance of the ‘top third’ of the pack design, when being displayed in a competitive set, in a display rack.
Prior to our research, the EE packaging had ‘hidden’ key information that actually sat behind competitor packs in the ‘row below’ the EE pack.
We encouraged EE and their creative agency, Citcom to think of the top third of their pack as a 48 sheet poster, and to ensure all of their key messaging points were placed in this area, in order to hook in the non-customer, who would then be more likely to pick the pack out of the display rack, and find out more.

Case Studies.

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