JD & Nike
Partnership Benefits

The “Nike Membership at JD” involves a customer connecting their JD and Nike accounts to unlock a wide range of different benefits and features. With two iconic and complimentary brands working in partnership, to put their customers first.

The Challenge
The challenge was set determine how to put the customer first, so that website and order experiences reflected what customers valued most about the partnership. In a world of seemingly endless potential ‘website & app features and services’, what does the customer really value, so the brand partnership becomes more than the sum of its parts?

Our Approach
Within 5 days a quantitative study was launched amongst relevant JD & Nike customers & debriefed to all key stakeholders. Using advanced statistical methods to determine which features and benefits were expected, seen as useful and most resonant amongst different customer groups.

The Outcome
JD and Nike received complete clarity on which features and benefits should be prioritised, based on underlying customer wants, needs, & expectations. The key granular detail, delivered quickly, enabled all involved in the brand partnership to move quickly to tangible optimisation actions and feature development.

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