Pilgrims Choice
Route to Market & Brand Proposition

Owned by Irish dairy exporter, Ornua, Pilgrims Choice is the UK’s second biggest cheddar cheese brand, sold across the network of UK grocers.

The Challenge
Operating within a heavily commoditised market, where a large proportion of sales are bought on deal, it is essential Pilgrims Choice develop a commercial and marketing strategy that places the brand front centre in the consumer mind when their thinking turns to cheese.

Our Approach
We ran a qualitative study amongst a suite of cheddar cheese eaters; brand loyal, repertoire buyers, heavy eaters, and medium level eaters. Participants were involved in a combination of accompanied shops & focus groups, with everyone completing a pre-task. In addition, we conducted a cross-store ethnographic observational piece, to truly understand how the fixture is being shopped in a true natural environment.

The Outcome
Our work and consultancy highlighted a brand positioning that draws on key product truths and lineage, whilst also tapping into key consumer motivators; both rational and emotional. We were also able to work with the business to establish a commercial strategy that maximised overall, company level, success.

Case Studies.

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