The AA
Creative Development

The AA is a British motoring association, that was founded in 1905. It provides breakdown cover, vehicle insurance, driving lessons, loans, motoring advice, road maps and other services.

The Challenge
Like other businesses, The AA looks to both recruit and retain customers via its marketing. There was a need to ensure creative in development, and on air works hard on both aspects, to maximise return on investment.

Our Approach
We ran a quantitative study amongst both a relevant, Nat Rep audience, with a boost amongst existing AA members. This approach enabled us to diagnose performance on all key criteria, using our tried and proven techniques & measures.

The Outcome
We were able to pinpoint the strengths in the creative in development, as well as highlight areas for further improvement, in order to maximise return on investment. Crucially, we were able to prove that it need not be a trade off between recruitment and retention, and enable to business to make decisions in full confidence of likely impact.

The AA Creative Development

Case Studies.

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