Upper Crust
Brand Proposition

Upper Crust is an international chain of baguette restaurants concentrated along commuter routes. The outlets are commonplace in stations and terminals.

The Challenge
Upper Crust had not had significant brand support for some time. With plans in place to grow the brand , there was a need to use insight to inform development of a refreshed brand proposition to be used through to 2027 and beyond.

Our Approach
Discussion groups among commuters and leisure travellers who use rail, as well as depth interviews in stations to deep dive on perceptions in situ. We used qualitative techniques to explore current attitudes towards the ‘on the go’ food category and key players within it.

The Outcome
Key areas of strength and weaknesses for Upper Crust were fully understood in the context of broader market trends. A workshop among key stakeholders was held to build insights directly into brand plans, which fed into both brand proposition and its articulation at the fixture.

Upper Crust Proposition

Case Studies.

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