Creative Development


Owned and marketed by SHS Group, WKD is one of the UK’s best known sparkling alcoholic drinks, with a long running marketing campaign, ‘Have you got a WKD side?’

The Challenge

As part of their drive for continual innovation and brand relevance, WKD was looking to launch its new Pink Gin variant. In the extremely competitive, and highly regulated alcoholic drinks market, there was a clear need for the marketing support to stand out, and achieve the best possible bang for buck, whilst also remaining true to the over-arching brand values, and connecting with the target audience.

Our Approach

A qualitative approach to this creative development task. We recruited in a suite of both WKD drinkers and those drinking competitor offers. We employed a process of simple reaction to creative stimulus shown, and also co-creation, challenging our participants to try to create their own versions of the ads shown. This was conducted with both client and creative agency ‘in the room’ and able to interact with participants, for maximum idea generation and effectiveness of the sessions.

The Outcome

We were able to inform and guide the creative tone of voice to ensure the style stayed just the right side of the line in terms of challenging and provoking the consumer with fun and tongue-in-cheek assertions, whilst not drifting into territories that could be perceived as unbecoming or tasteless. The resulting work featured in a far reaching digital campaign, providing WKD Pink Gin with the launchpad required.

Case Studies.

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