How we can help you own tomorrow.

We help the world’s brightest, most ambitious brands make more intelligent business and marketing decisions via razor sharp insight and thinking.

What we do.

From market segmentations to sales validated brand equity analysis, via creative development, and everything in between, we use proven methods blended perfectly with the very latest technology. All underpinned by a reassuring commercial savviness. We are obsessive about detail, but we can move quickly too, giving you considered and well thought through ‘live’ insight fast.

We speak from decades of experience with absolute clarity and conviction, delivering answers built on rigour, a fluency in brand and communications, and compelling insight. It’s why our team is trusted by our clients to challenge, and make recommendations with real confidence. And it’s how we inspire action that will shape the future of your brand, business, and bottom line. Put simply, we’ll ensure you Own Tomorrow.

Brand equity tracking.

At Two Ears One Mouth we have developed and refined, and frequently
sales validate, our unique BrandBuilder™ tool that evaluates and tracks
your brand’s equity over time. It’s framework is rooted in the importance
of a unique and meaningful proposition, that elicits a positive emotional
response amongst the target market.

Crucially, it does this within the context of not just what is important within
your market now, but will become important in the near future, and what will set you apart as a brand.

BrandBuilder™ provides not just a moment in time health-check, and
longitudinal comparisons, but also a clearly signposted route map for
commercial success.

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Campaign monitoring.

As part of any marketing campaign, it is essential to monitor its impact on not just sales, but your brand and wider behaviours. Whilst sales are (nearly) always the ultimate end-goal, without a campaign monitor or tracking, you are unable to determine the impact on softer brand metrics such as brand awareness, positioning and disposition to purchase. All of which will ultimately help deliver sales, if pushed into the right territories.

Our fluency in both marketing communications and brand proposition
development, alongside our deep-rooted skill in insight means we can
accurately evaluate and diagnose your campaign’s performance, to ensure you can invest for maximum impact, and course correct as required.

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Creative development.

In an increasingly crowded and fragmented media landscape, it is vital that your communications stand out, are linked back to your brand, and elicit the desired response amongst your target audience.

We are industry leaders in creative development research at all stages in the developmental process. We do not view our role as ‘pre-testing’ material, but as working with clients and creative agencies as part of the process, to ensure maximum effectiveness on air.

We employ all available tools and techniques, depending on the stage in the process we are involved, and are famed for our swift feedback timings, that enable our clients to positively affect their work, and in market success.

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Market segmentation.

In an ideal world, marketing would be bespoke tailored for each individual
person. Practicalities meaning this is impossible, market segmentations offer the next best thing.

Our segmentations typically combine both behavioural and attitudinal axes, with a sales overlay whenever sales numbers are available.

Crucially, as part of the role out, we work to embed segments into our clients’ businesses in a way that all personnel know who the segments are, and how they can best serve their needs and unlock their demand.

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Proposition development.

Very few markets now are not over-crowded, with a multitude of competitors trying to steal share from each other; often via a reliance on deals, and in a race to zero on price and logistics.

Developing a unique and compelling brand proposition, that causes the
consumer / customer to cross the road, away from the competition, in order to acquire your product or service, is the key to commercial success.

Your brand proposition needs to be distinctive, unique, relevant and
motivating. We are industry experts in informing the proposition
development process to ensure you stand out in a compelling manner.

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